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The life of a company and its employees is often marked by numerous events. Every corporate event has the potential to impact its brand image and reputation, whether among its own employees or with clients and partners. 

This is why it’s essential that every corporate event undergoes professional and efficient organization. With years of experience and the expertise of its team members, BG EVENTS is the ideal partner for your corporate events.

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Team building

In order to strengthen the cohesion of your teams and improve communication between your employees, you can choose to organize a corporate team building. Both from a relational and professional point of view, many activities exist to stimulate your skills and your collaborative potential. A team building trip can also be used to resolve internal conflicts, boost motivation and morale, and even increase your productivity.

Imagine doing team cohesion with a Team Building, an adequate solution to federate a team and create a link between the different hierarchical levels.


Corporate events that make a lasting impression on employees are often incentives. More than corporate events, they represent a form of motivation or reward for the employees who have been the most deserving on their objectives. Deserving participants should feel privileged to live this incentive experience.

You can also motivate your employees with an incentive rewarding the most effective or most deserving elements of the moment.


A workshop seminar is particularly indicated to focus on a theme to be highlighted among your employees. In other words, to mobilize your resources around a key subject and to make sure that all minds converge towards a common goal. But also that your different teams collaborate to improve a specific sector or to solve a particular problem. For this it is important to be able to set up practical workshops in an atypical environment.


Combine pleasure and productivity by taking your teams on board for a seminar or workshop, a great way to take stock or start a project.

Conventions & conferences

BG Events vous accompagne autour de vos congrès et conférences pour agrémenter et pimenter vos événements d’entreprise. Profitez des temps off pour faire vivre aux participants de nouvelles expériences qu’ils pourront naturellement associer à ce déplacement et à votre marque. Une expérience événementielle personnalisée Que ce soit autour d’un repas à thème, d’une animation, d’une activité ou d’une visite d’un lieu touristique, BG EVENTS saura vous proposer un programme personnalisé afin d’offrir à vos collaborateurs des souvenirs et expériences de qualité.


Make your congresses and conferences unifying moments for your employees by organizing events and meetings around this occasion.

Evenings & animations

Looking for the ideal caterer for your corporate events? BG EVENTS works with recognized professionals to prepare your buffets, gala dinners, cocktails or coworking aperitifs. World, Mediterranean or gastronomic cuisine, we will find the right caterer for every occasion: birthdays, inaugurations, farewell parties or simply to thank your partners and employees for the good results obtained.

Corporate evenings

Make an impression on your guests with your evening and its personalized entertainment.

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Flexibility and adaptation are the key words for a successful corporate event and it is this quality of service that is offered to you with BG EVENTS for all your events.
Where to organize your corporate events?

BG EVENTS, event agency for professionals, specialist in the south of France, offers you exceptional destinations!

From Monaco to Provence via the beautiful Côte d’Azur, make your corporate events sparkle in one of the most beautiful regions in the world.
Build your tailor-made events, perfectly adapted to your challenges, in a privileged environment.
You can also turn to the Atlantic Coast with Biarritz and Bordeaux or choose Lyon, its history and its economic dynamism.

French riviera


located in Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Marseille, Paris



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